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RISE, by Chris Stefanick & Bill Donaghy

Brothers, do you want tomorrow to be better than today? Are you willing to do what it takes to become a better man for yourself, your family, and those around you?

When you take the RISE 30-Day Challenge, you will gain the tools you need to take your life and relationships to the next level. Journey with men all over the world as we RISE together.  

RISE is also available in Spanish!  To register for RISE (LEVÁNTATE) please click here.

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RISE is Changing Lives. 

"You know something is really good when you cannot wait to see what is next and you think of all the men with whom you want to share this series when it starts again..." -Participant

"I'm so glad I joined this. Each day gets better..." -Participant

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September 17th, 2018...
Worldwide Parish Challenge.

Imagine if hundreds of men at your parish stepped-up and journeyed together, held each other accountable, and committed to becoming better husbands, fathers, brothers... it would literally change your parish, and the world.

This September, parishes around the world are introducing RISE to their men. It's a tool you can use to strengthen and engage all men, even (especially!) those who will never come to a group study. Parish leaders may review it for free and see the real-time impact it's having on men's lives.

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Gain New Tools & Insights for Everyday Life.

Powerful Daily Videos

From the Directors of Chosen and Humanum, RISE walks you through a battle-plan for life. Simple and profound messages and cinematic stories lead you straight into your own heart, and show you how to make real and lasting changes that will bring a greater peace and balance to your life.

Practical Content

RISE has been crafted by experts in evangelization, discipleship, and men's issues (Chris Stefanick, Bill Donaghy, and edited by Marcel LeJeune) to create an experience unlike anything that exists. It doesn't matter where you are or where you've been. This will challenge you to RISE to new heights, and show you how to get there.

True Brotherhood

Men bond best around a common mission. Before the challenge, you'll choose a "brother" to journey with you. We provide the tools needed to support & hold each other accountable. We need brothers who have our backs, and RISE helps you form those relationships.

Brotherhood Guide

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Chris Stefanick, co-author

Chris is the founder of Real Life Catholic, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reengaging a generation. He speaks to over 50,000 people a year and is the author of many books and resources, including Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation. Chris is also the host of EWTN's Real Life Catholic. Most importantly, Chris is a proud husband to Natalie, and father of six beautiful children. 

Bill Donaghy, co-author

Bill is a curriculum specialist at the Theology of the Body Institute. He is an author, instructor, and international speaker with over 25 years of experience in mission, evangelization, and education. He has a background in visual arts, philosophy, and Masters in systematic theology. Most importantly, he's the husband of Rebecca and father of four beautiful children.

RISE ™ is a Cardinal Studios LLC production, created in partnership with Real Life Catholic, and in association with Ecce! Films. It is a challenge for all men who desire greater peace, balance, and fulfillment in their lives.


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